LiveO2 Therapy

Hyperoxygenation of the body can have fantastic health benefits. Spring Chiropractic and Rehab offers LiveO2 Therapy, which incorporates super-saturation of body tissues, blood cells, as well as lymph tissue, with oxygen.  The benefits of this treatment are wide-ranging and can include a calmer state of mind, better sleep, and more focused and clear thinking. Much like a hyperbaric chamber, this therapy works in the same way by forcing oxygen through pressure into the body's tissues. Unlike hyperbaric chambers, Live O2 has less hassle, time, and financial commitments.

How Does Live O2 Therapy Work?

Live O2 therapy works by facilitating the increase of oxygen in the blood and tissues by as much as 400%. During treatments, which typically include exercise challenges coupled with the use of a mask that force-increases the oxygen saturation in the body. Some typical responses in the body to increased oxygenation include:

  • When the system forces oxygen into the tissues, it forces the toxins out, detoxifying the body
  • The oxygen-enriched environment produced by the Live O2 system inhibits viruses and fungi from growing
  • Pressurized induction of oxygen into the lungs forces healing oxygen into wounds, breaks, and other injuries, facilitating faster, more complete healing

Benefits of High-Oxygenation

  • Can decrease recovery time from surgery, trauma, and illness
  • It induces the growth of stem cells
  • The potential increase in training efficiency
  • Fewer after-effects from training, as lactic acid is forced out via the pressurized oxygen in the blood
  • Obtain higher perfusion of oxygen than when using a hyperbaric chamber, in a fraction of the time and expense
  • Super-charge the amount of O2 in your brain, and you'll think, feel, and be better

What to Expect In a Typical Live O2 Session at Spring

During a Live O2 session, we would administer a six to eight-minute aerobic exercise session, at a pace sustainable to you. Complete the initial exertion challenge, then the sprint portion begins. The oxygen is set to -O2, and a 15-second sprint takes place at the highest tolerable exertion level. Once again, we set the oxygen to +, and another 15-second sprint takes place. Afterward comes the welcomed recovery period, on O2. This sequence would be repeated three to six times, up to 15 minutes of exertion, maximum. The exercise forces the intake of the oxygen and the deposition of it into the capillaries, and thus into the tissues.

Spring Chiropractic and Rehab Can Help

If you are looking for Live O2 treatments in Spring, TX, Spring Chiropractic and Rehab is where you'll find it. Whether you are healing from surgery, an injury, or even an illness, or you are training and want to try Live O2 in your treatment regimen, then Spring Chiropractic and Rehab. We can set up a schedule that is convenient for you. Our team is compassionate, professional and always there for you. You can call us today at (281) 651-7111 to schedule an appointment today!


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