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How do we know The Rehab has the best trainers and coaches around? It’s simple--Dr. Bolz sought out specific collaborations with trainers and coaches with specific skill sets. His top priority was working with people that he trusts and has been a client of himself.

Scott Bolz - Personal Trainer in Spring, TX

Dr. Scott Bolz

Dr. Bolz started Spring Chiropractic more than 17 years ago. The Rehab was born as his passion project to provide a resource to better health and fitness for his patients and the community.

Dr. Bolz treats his patients using various chiropractic and physical medicine techniques, while emphasizing the need to strengthen the whole body through targeted rehabilitative exercises.His passion extends to helping his athlete patients return to play stronger than ever.

Dr. Bolz is certified by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians as a (CCSP) Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner. Dr. Bolz has extensive training in treating injured athletes both on and off the field. Dr. Bolz is a lower extremity certified ART (Active Release Technique) provider and a member of the ART Ironman Provider Network. Dr. Bolz is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES). Dr. Bolz is also certified Graston Technique provider. He has special interests in exercise physiology, sports injury rehabilitation and post-operative rehabilitation. He works closely with some of the top Orthopedics in the area. Dr. Bolz is also a Certified Personal Trainer which also allows him to design specific weight training programs and nutritional programs for his patients.

Aaron Mills - personal trainer in Spring, TX

Aaron Mills

Aaron has dedicated his life to fitness and sports endeavors. His earlier years were spent playing football and baseball. He also found passions for skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, and mountain biking.

Not content to leave sports behind, he earned his ACE personal training certification. Aaron is continually improving his knowledge and skill set as evident by his additional certifications, including: ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, TRX Certification, LMT-1ViPR trainee. He also became a CrossFit L-1 coach.

Aaron has worked for a leading physical therapy clinic in The Woodlands, Texas, utilizing his vast knowledge of the body and his passion for returning patients to play. Aaron has also worked in top personal training gyms in the Woodlands and Spring areas for many years.

Aaron specializes in structuring targeted rehabilitation and personal training programs tailored to each patient’s individual needs. He has extensive experience ranging from young athletes and weekend warriors to those interested in starting to focus on their health and wellness for the first time.

In his spare time, Aaron competes in fitness competitions throughout the greater Houston area with his wife, Jen Mills. He also enjoys spending time with his three children, whether it is at the soccer field, the football field, or playing around at the beach.

Jennifer Mills - Spring personal trainer

Jennifer Mills

Jennifer is an all-around athlete. She grew up playing team sports and grew to love alternative sports with her husband, Aaron Mills. She found her true passion for fitness when she began challenging her own body in the gym and in fitness competitions.

Jennifer earned her ACE personal training certification and became an ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist. She also became a CrossFit L-1 coach. Jennifer continues her studies to earn additional certifications in targeted areas of specialization.

Jennifer has utilized her passion to inspire and help people by coaching and personal training at top gyms in the Woodlands and Spring areas for many years. She has vast experience training those that are pushing beyond their athletic and physical limits, and also those that are returning from injury and just getting started with health and wellness for the first time.

Jennifer specializes in customizing training and rehabilitation to meet specific goals—ranging from short and long-term, and beginner to elite athlete. Her love of fitness and her infectious laugh keep her clients engaged, committed, and having fun!

In her spare time, Jennifer competes in fitness competitions throughout the greater Houston area with her husband, Aaron Mills. She also enjoys being a soccer and football mom to her three kids. She is dedicated to family, fitness, and fun!

William Featherson - Spring personal trainer

William Featherston

William is a 6-time Ironman. He has competed in more than 60 triathlons, 45 marathons, and 10 ultramarathons. He has placed in the top five of competitors 12 times.

William has coached countless athletes, encouraging each client to reach their maximum potential while still having fun! He also hosts an annual kids’ biathlon in The Woodlands, Texas.

His passion is clear—run, bike, swim. Repeat.

While not running, biking, and swimming, he loves to spend time with his teenage son, friends and family.

Debbie Madden - personal trainer in Spring, TX

Debbie Madden

Debbie is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition and Board Certifications in Diabetes Education and Sports Nutrition. She has over 24 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian.

Debbie is passionate about helping others understand and manage their nutrition needs. She takes care to help others make life changes that work to improve overall health.

In her spare time, Debbie is an avid swimmer and triathlete. She is a member of FCST Masters Swim Team and has long worked with adult and student athletes. Debbie also a member of USA Triathlons. Debbie has a long history volunteering with Boys Scouts of America, FBISD VIPS, St Laurence Catholic Church, First Colony Gators and Clements Swim Teams.

Debbie Madden - personal trainer in Spring, TX

Mary Rivas

Mary Rivasis a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM) and a 200 hour registered yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance.  She has a passion for helping beginners builda strong foundation as they begin their fitness journey.  She also teaches a stretch yoga class thatincorporates breath work and mindfulness. Mary believes that finding a balance between strength training,mobility, and flexibility is the key to conditioning the body for longevity.

Wild Spirit Yoga @ The Rehab

The Rehab is excited to offer private and small group yoga sessions in collaboration with Wild Spirit Yoga. 

Jennifer Carmack - yoga instructor in Spring, TX

Wild Spirit Yoga in Spring, TX

Jennifer Carmack, founder of Wild Spirit Yoga, has been teaching Hatha and Vinyasa yoga

for over 9 years and practicing yoga for over 17 years. She studied Yoga with 200 hours at the Shambhava School of Yoga in Colorado in 2008. She is also a Certified Master Teacher in Reiki (2006), Certified Pilates instructor (2010), and she teaches Nia and creative flow dance.

Uniting action of the body, the intention of the mind, to experience the energy that is moving within us, is the core to her yoga approach. Jennifer works one on one and with small groups in prenatal/postnatal and traditional yoga practice. Jennifer’s classes gently flow while offering step by step instruction in alignment and deepening your connection. A light-hearted class with a spiritual focus, Jennifer wants you to feel Yoga from the inside out. Her passion for yoga drives her day, every day!

In her spare time, Jennifer loves spending time with her family and the rest of her tribe. She also hosts countless workshops on all topics of yoga.


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